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Ferozi Speaker Mike T-Shirt - River Rock

Color : Ferozi
Style: Crew Neck
Material: 100% Cotton

RS 780
RS 647

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Light & Dark Green Camouflage - Trouser - Lafangay

Material : Cotton
Color : Light & Dark Green
Length : 42"
Cut : Slim

RS 2100

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Mineral Glass Neobrite Screw Lock Crown 100-meter water resistance Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel Carbon fiber insert Resin Band

RS 55000

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Blue & Black Polo T-Shirt - ReD TRee

Color : Blue
Material : Pique
Sleeves : Half
Cut : Slim

RS 940

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Blue Denim Jeans - ReD TRee

RS 1699

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SBQ-1507 Blue Cotton Formal Shirt - Sabriq

Color : Blue
Fabric : Cotton
Sleeves : Full Sleeves
Cut : Modern Cut

RS 1990
RS 1790

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New Fashion for Men for Every Season, for Every Day

Fashion is no longer a territory only for women, even men have busted in with force. They are increasingly interested in men’s fashion trends and want to know what type of clothes each season carries. Today, instead of resorting to a mother, partner or friend to shop, men dare to go themselves and shape their wardrobe to be stylish and trendy. Men’s clothing has evolved much in few decades and so the preferences of men for their clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Men’s Fashion-Men’s Personality

Now every man reaps his style according to his taste, personality and life experiences. But, if we talk about trends in men fashion, few are always in and essential as well.
The hipster. He is always updated on what is going to happen. He knows about music, art, technology, and even fashion. How does he dress? He does not follow trends of men’s fashion, but somehow creates his own, and is always a step ahead. In addition, he is not afraid to innovate new fashion for men: he can dress extravagantly and even unusual items, and does not go unnoticed. His most common attire: wear glasses with black frames, tight pants lowered to the maximum, modern jackets, scarves, leather handbags and hats that only few men will dare to wear.
The "IT man". He is a mystery to discover. Overall, dresses only utility that is practical and functional. He uses basic shirts or polo shirts, sweaters, loose jeans and slippers. Sometimes, usually using ironic shirts with inscriptions IT niche. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has this very simple style.
The Rocker. He goes with what he feels like is the best fashion for men. The rest complete with what he puts. His frequent clothing are blazers, dress shirts, dress pants, or jeans that are rather short and the body fitted. He never forgets to put on shoes best compatible with the dressing.
The Modern man. His fascination with looking good does not end anywhere. It is best to look at them (and admire) as they have a charm impossible to avoid. Modern men abound in all disciplines, can move from the elegance of David Beckham to the sex appeal of Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. Wear jeans to the body, patterned tops like tartan, gingham or polka dot shirts. His favorite shoes are pointed ones.
The "Bon vivant" or "Dandies". Richard Gere and Robert Downey Jr. have something in common: they are the best example of this type of man. They have lot of fun with the fashion choices. They can even pair business suit with tennis shows and will not look bad anyways. They have a penchant for the latest and tailored men’s fashion. Fitted, retro style jeans, and chinos with sneakers are their favorite picks for summer days. They have a casual style combined with elegance.
No matter who you are and which latest men fashion trend you follow, having a good range of accessories is a plus for any combination you make. Possessing a variety of watches, a wide collection of ties, different styles sandals, or a wallet according to your inspiration, it always works when creating your look.